Tuesday 18th of June 2024

Back in the public eye, Princess Kate attends first royal event after cancer diagnosis
Known for his role in Brexit, Nigel Farage is gaining prominence in the U.K. elections
Immigration is a big issue ahead of the U.K. elections, too
South Africa’s ANC and opposition announce a unity government, in a big power shift
You can get your passport renewed online again. Here's how it works
When it comes to the Israel-Gaza war, the split in opinion is generational
American journalist Evan Gershkovich to stand trial on espionage charges in Russia
Why G7 leaders are turning to a special guest — Pope Francis — for advice on AI
European farmers angry at climate policies could help sway EU parliamentary elections
How Modi will lead with a coalition government, and what voters want
EU parliamentary election: There will be 16-year-old voters in Germany and Belgium
Examining the state of Hamas on 3 fronts: troops, governance and narrative
1 in 4 children globally lives in severe child food poverty, UNICEF report says
Reflections on war past and present permeate D-Day's 80th anniversary
Biden to give D-Day anniversary speech; Fat Joe fights for hospital price transparency
A gunman was captured after a shootout near the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon
Modi has declared victory in India's election, but not the landslide he expected
India lost the manufacturing race to China. Here's why it could still succeed
La Presidenta: Mexico Elects Its First Woman to the Presidency
Mexico's first female president; a Georgia cancer patient's Medicaid struggle
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