Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Virginia Woolf, but Make It a Polyphonic, Sensory Ballet
How a 1933 Book About Jews in Magic Was Rescued From Oblivion
‘House of the Dragon’: Elliott and Luke Tittensor on That Brutal Duel
Discord at the Symphony: Losing a Star, San Francisco Weighs Its Future
Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift’s Duet, and 8 More New Songs
How ‘Couples Therapy’ Gets People to Go There
It’s the Summer of Powell and Pressburger in New York
At the Royal Ballet, Taking the Measure of Ashton’s Genius
Review: A 10th Life for Those Jellicle ‘Cats,’ Now on the Runway
Conan O’Brien Doesn’t Matter
The 40 Best Songs of 2024 (So Far)
With the Help of Whales, a Choreographer Falls Into an Abyss
Review: A 10th Life for Those Jellicle ‘Cats,’ Now in Drag
How ‘The Boys’ Imagines Fascism Coming to America
Donald Sutherland Didn’t Disappear Into Roles, and That Was a Good Thing
Neighbors Fight Affordable Housing, but Need Libraries. Can’t We Make a Deal?
‘House of the Dragon’: a Guide to all the Key Characters in Season 2
Voters must dive into murky legal waters around 'contempt of Congress' fracas
Ariana DeBose, Tonys Host, Just Might Be the Busiest Woman on Broadway
Week in politics: Biden reaches out to older voter, Trump meets with GOP senators
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