Sunday 4th of June 2023

Erdogan addresses a divided Turkey following a historic victory
Launched in the UK, Heirs of Slavery seeks to atone for past wrongs.
Migrant dehumanization is deeply troubling, says the incoming IOM chief
Sonko, a Senegalese opponent, was given a two-year sentence for corrupting youth.
Official: Zambia clears Croatians of child trafficking allegations.
Erdogan addresses a divided Turkey following a historic victory
Foreign investors are welcome in France.
Stoltenberg is 100% confident. Sweden will sign up for NATO
Attacks against peacekeepers in Kosovo, according to NATO, must stop.
Macron wants NATO to provide concrete security guarantees for Kiev.
Sudan ceasefire extension results in more fighting and little aid
At the UNGA, We want to make sure that Africa votes for our resolutions.
August 23 will see general elections in Zimbabwe.
Kenya claims the airport incident was a training for emergencies.
Zimbabwe plans a second presidential election for August 23.
Iraq unveiled a $17 billion transportation project connecting the Middle East and Europe.
Chinese comedy troupe punishment shocks the arts community
The first domestically built passenger airplane in China lifts off on its first commercial flight.
Modi will formally open the country s brand-new parliament.
Iraq issued a warning to break the addiction to oil to avoid intensive care.
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