Saturday 20th of April 2024

Schools Want to Ban Phones. Parents Say No.
12 Best Game Controllers (2024): PC, Switch, PS5, Xbox, Accessibility
Why vector databases are having a moment as the AI hype cycle peaks
Here Come the Anti-Woke AIs
AI-Controlled Fighter Jets Are Dogfighting With Human Pilots Now
CesiumAstro claims former exec spilled trade secrets to upstart competitor AnySignal
20 Best Earth Day Deals (2024): Ebikes, Chargers, and Bags Made of Recycled Plastic
TechCrunch Minute: Meta’s new Llama 3 models give open-source AI a boost
Schneider Electric in Talks to Take Control of Bentley Systems
Environmental Damage Could Cost You a Fifth of Your Income Over the Next 25 Years
China Orders Apple to Remove Popular Messaging Apps
Meta Is Already Training a More Powerful Successor to Llama 3
Fintech CRED secures in-principle approval for payment aggregator license
Meta Releases Latest AI Model With Plans to Highlight More on Instagram, Other Apps
Far-Right Sheriffs Want a Citizen Army to Stop 'Illegal Immigrant' Voters
Ibotta’s IPO opens sharply higher, hinting at warming public-market interest in tech shares
The Smartest Way to Use AI at Work
Milo Action Communicator: Hassle-Free Comms Without Your Smartphone
Uber, Nvidia-backed Serve Robotics hits public markets with $40M splash
States botched more executions of Black prisoners. Experts think they know why
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