Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Music Labels Take On AI Startups With New Lawsuits
US Record Labels Sue AI Music Generators Suno and Udio for Copyright Infringement
TechCrunch Space: Building (and testing) for the future
Target and Shopify team up to expand Target’s third-party marketplace
Apple Hit by First Charges Under New European Tech Law
The 9 Best TVs We’ve Reviewed, Plus Buying Advice for Normies (2024)
Apple’s App Store breaches EU’s Digital Markets Act
Revolutionary Alzheimer’s Treatments Can’t Help Patients Who Go Undiagnosed
Prosus zeroes out its 9.6% stake in Byju’s
Post-Pandemic Recovery Isn’t Guaranteed
Prosus zeroes out 9.6% Byju’s stake
Starliner Faces an Indefinite Wait in Space While NASA Investigates Its Faults
Streaming execs think TV’s future looks a lot like its past
Neoplants Neo Px Review: This Plant Isn't as Good as an Air Purifier
Asus Vivobook S 15 Copilot+ PC Review: Promising Battery Life
What Came Before the Big Bang?
Apple, Meta Have Discussed an AI Partnership
Recluse Spider Season Is a Myth
Ilya Sutskever isn’t done working on AI safety
Women in AI: Charlette N’Guessan is tackling data scarcity on the African continent
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