Friday 1st of December 2023

On World AIDS Day, we hear from a man who's spent 40 years caring for people with HIV
Many countries are frustrated that the U.S. isn't doing more to combat climate change
Henry Kissinger, legendary diplomat and foreign policy scholar, dies at 100
A judge awards Aretha Franklin's properties to her sons, citing a handwritten will
John Cale, ever restless, keeps moving out of his comfort zone
First lady Jill Biden unveils this year's White House Christmas decorations
Bowie the lobster is half-blue, half-red, and all kinds of rare
Police arrest suspect in the shooting of 3 men of Palestinian descent in Vermont
In Wisconsin, a lot of training goes into being a cheese tester
A rare treat: a painting by Renaissance master Titian is on display at a high school
Sean 'Diddy' Combs accused of sexual abuse by two more women
A car-sized tumbleweed made quite a scene on a California highway
Before dying, she made a fund to cancel others' medical debt — now $60 million worth
Stache the Sealyham terrier wins the National Dog Show
2 people were killed in vehicle explosion at U.S.-Canada border crossing bridge
Controversy surrounding the construction of 'Copy City' in Georgia won't let up
Detroit Lions fans are thankful — and hopeful — at this year's Thanksgiving game
How to keep an eye out for cyber scams during this holiday shopping season
Neighbors rally behind Palestinian restaurant owner who lost family in Gaza
Trump, 77, issues letter lauding his health and weight loss on Biden's 81st birthday
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